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Are you ready to transform your parenting approach through Parent Coaching?

Raising an exceptionally wired (neurodivergent) child
from toddler to teen can feel confusing and lonely.

Do you long for the guidance, resources, and hope
that can make a true difference in your child's life?

Why wait another day?
Every moment is a chance to foster resilience
and watch your child thrive like never before!

TODAY is the day to start your journey with
The Inclusion Matters Collective to empower
thriving resilience in your child and YOURSELF.


Upcoming Events

Cultivating Resilience in Our Kids
Cultivating Resilience in Our Kids
Jun 23, 2024, 1:00 PM PDT
Online Webinar

I Can Empower You to Cultivate Thriving Resilience and Life-long Growth
in Your Child


I'm Dr. D.A. (David) Palmer, Ed.D.

As a father, educator, and parenting coach, I am passionate about leading and supporting parents and caregivers through the intricacies and joys of raising their exceptionally wired (neurodivergent) children. That's why I started The Inclusion Matters Collective.

When you need expert guidance, empathetic care, and practical tools and strategies, my commitment to you and your family is to ensure giving you all you need to cultivate the transformation you want and deserve.


Featured Speaking Events & Podcasts

The Child Psych Podcast

It's time for change!
The Journey to Transformation
Begins Today.

Parent coaching will empower you with the specific guidance, resources, and strategies you need to support your child and watch them thrive emotionally, socially, academically and behaviorally.
Thriving Family

Step 1:
Begin Your Transformation  

 - Book Your Session -

Kickstart your journey with a Strategy Session that sets the foundation for your child's success. This essential conversation allows us to fully understand your unique situation and get you going with a strategy to implement at home right away.

Smiling Parent

Step 2:
Customize Your Strategy
- Complete the Survey -

After our initial call, continue to shape your personalized path by completing the Pathfinder Survey. Your detailed responses provide the insights we need to align our strategies with your specific goals, ensuring every step we take is geared toward your family’s needs.

Coaching Group

Step 3:
Activate Your Plan
- Start Your Coaching -

Begin your transformation journey and begin your coaching service. Start your active journey with a clear plan of action that includes tailored strategies, ongoing support, and celebration of each milestone. Let's navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes together, transforming your child's and your family's life.

Dr. Palmer has been a blessing to our family. He has gone the extra mile to be a support for not only our child, but our whole family. He has provided very informative assessments, his coaching has been something our child has looked forward to on a weekly basis, and he has been instrumental in meetings at school. He has been and continues to be a lighthouse in navigating new waters. Thank you Dr. Palmer.

Tony & Jessica Gentry

Ready to Begin Cultivating Thriving Resilience in your Child?

The Thriving Resilience Interactive Journal is a comprehensive personal guide that empowers you to cultivate thriving resilience in your child. With step-by-step insights, prompts, reflection exercises, resources, tools, and more, this journal is an essential tool for parents who want to give their children the skills they need to thrive in life.

Interactive Journal
Ready to Book a Free Strategy Session?

Get a free 20-minute strategy coaching session with Dr. Palmer and leave with personalized insights and a strategy tailored to your family's needs.

Book now to take the first step towards achieving your goals.

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